Top 3 market places in Krakow. Where in the center buy fresh food?

Where in the center buy fresh food?

Where can you buy fresh food in Krakow? The best place for such shopping is certainly the markets, which are plenty in Krakow. In the immediate vicinity of our apartments there are three. Enthusiasts of healthy, organic food are welcome to visit the squares:

  1. Nowy Kleparz



Located closest to Lou Lou Apart, New Kleparz is a marketplace that existed as early as 1320. Its importance increased in the 19th century. Today it is possible to make daily purchases of food and textiles. There are a lot of florist’s shops, there we buy flowers to our apartments on Szlak street.


  1. Stary Kleparz



Kleparski Market, formerly Kleparz’s town market, which in the early days was an independent urban center, now serves as a trade fair. The square was once part of the market, similar in size to the Main Town Square and occupied the area of ​​present Matejko Square and Old Kleparz. In there, you can buy fresh organic food, flowers and other articles.


  1. Plac na Stawach

The square na Stawach is located along Senatorska Street in the Zwierzyniec district. Its name is derived from the existing fish ponds belonging to the Norbertan from Zwierzyniec. In the 19th century the ponds were buried and a market place was created in their place. The square is located 400 meters from Lou Lou Apart Wawel.