Restaurants in krakow

Featured restaurants from our chalkboard wall

There are countless restaurants in Krakow that serve cuisine from around the world. Whether you want to taste Polish, Italian, French or Japanese cuisine, you will find something for you. We picked a few that we know and recommend. There would certainly be more restaurants on this list, but… wall would not be enough. We invite you to submit your comments and suggestions for more restaurants that we could mention.

1. Pod Baranem

“Pod Baranem” Restaurant is one of the best restaurants serving mainly Polish and European dishes. The restaurant with classic décor and traditional Krakow atmosphere is located near Wawel on Gertruda 21 street. We recommend it especially to those who are looking for a restaurant in Krakow with traditional Polish cuisine.

2. Zakładka

Zakladka is located behind the Bernatek footbridge in Podgórze on Jozefinska 2 street. The restaurant specializes in French and European cuisine. Inside there is an amazing atmosphere. The décor has classic character and romantic mood encourages you to spend as much time inside as possible.

3. Pimiento

Pimiento is a restaurant specializing in Argentinean cuisine. Restaurant located in Kazimierz on Jozefa 26 street. It has appeared on the map of Krakow in 2007. Currently, there is also a restaurant in the Old Town on Stolarska 13 Street and at Main Market Square 30.

4. Szara

Szara Restaurant is located in the very heart of Krakow’s Main Market Square 6. It serves Polish, Central European and European dishes. There is a nice, romantic atmosphere. In addition to the premises on the Market Square, Szara has a second place in Kazimierz on Szeroka 39 Street under the name Szara Kazimierz.

5. Trzy papryczki

“Trzy papryczki” is a typical Italian restaurant, kept in a Mediterranean climate. In the summer season in the restaurant’s annexe you can sit in the romantic garden. The restaurant specializes in pizza made in a wood-fired oven and is located at Poselska 17 street.

Strona główna

6. Cawa

In the Old Town of Podgorze, at the intersection of Jozefinska and Nadwislanska Streets, by the address Nadwislanska 1, there is a small and charming restaurant with interesting decor and delicious international cuisine. We recommend it especially in the summer when you can sit in a small garden in front of the restaurant and admire the view of the Bernina Footbridge with frizzante wine in your hand.

7. Nova Resto Bar

Nova by the New Square, more precisely at Estery 18 street, is a large restaurant, which is also ideal for a night out with more friends. Serves international cuisine. The restaurant is a great place for meetings with a drink. Recently renovated, with new decor, is definitely one of the more interesting proposals in Kazimierz.

8. Plac Nowy 1

Plac Nowy 1 is a modern place in Kazimierz. Especially noteworthy is the decor of the premises. Industrial architecture encourages to spend your free time there. The restaurant serves delicious European cuisine and beers from small local breweries.

9. Charlotte

Bistro Charlotte is located on the Szczepanski Square at number 2. Its menu is based on locally baked bread. We especially recommend it for breakfast, which consists of fresh bread, butter, jam or chocolate. The Bistro also offers carefully selected French wines. It is also worth mentioning the very atmospheric decor of the place.

10. Trattoria Cichy Kącik

Situated away from the touristic crowded places, by the Krakow Blonia, in the Cichy Kącik. A visit to the restaurant can be combined with a walk along 3 Maja Avenue. In the restaurant, you can enjoy Italian cuisine.

11. Mamma Mia

The influence of Italian culture can be seen not only in the Renaissance Wawel Castle but also by exploring the culinary corners of Krakow. Mamma Mia is one of those restaurants in Krakow, which serves very good Italian food, especially a traditional pizza from a wood fired oven. The property is located at Karmelicka 14 Street.

12. Zen Sushi

The restaurant is located on św. Tomasza 29 street. In addition to sushi, it offers a variety of Japanese, Asian, American and European dishes. Noteworthy is the décor, especially the bar located in the center of the place around which wooden boats float with bright flowers in them.


13. Restauracja Miód Malina

The restaurant, located at Grodzka 40 street, serves Polish and European cuisine. Traditional décor, classic and romantic.

14. Zazie Bistro

The level of cuisine at Zazie Bistro can be attributed to the fact that practically without reservation there is no possibility to visit this restaurant which serves French cuisine. Ascetic interior makes the guest in this restaurant focus on what’s the best… the food. The restaurant is located at Jozefa 34 street.

15. Chata

This restaurant on Krowoderska 21 Street is recommended by our guests. The place is located 5 min walk from the double suite in Lou Lou Apart na Szlaku. The restaurant serves old Polish cuisine.

16. Rzeźnia – Ribs on Fire

At the Boże Ciało 14 street is located Rzeźnia where you can try „the biggest and best grilled pork ribs”. The restaurant has a nice contemporary decor. Recently, we also recommend the second opened location at Dominikański Square.

17. Industrial Resto & Bar

Industrial is a newly established restaurant in Zabłocie in Podgórze district next to Oskar Schindler’s Factory. The restaurant, apart from the great cuisine, is distinguished by its decor, which brings the industrial tradition of Zabłocie and its character.