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What accommodation to choose when going to Krakow?

Accommodation in Krakow

Krakow is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland, which attracts crowds of tourists from all over the world. Over the years, Krakow has developed a very touristic base and the accommodation is very rich. Accommodation in Krakow can be divided into several types depending on the standard, specificity and price. Accommodation facilities in Krakow are over 1100 (data from booking.com) and can be classified as apartments, hostels, guest houses and hotels.


Hostel accommodation is the cheapest option in Krakow. The characteristic feature of the hostel are mostly dorm rooms, shared bathrooms, lower standard of accommodation but pleasant atmosphere and attractive price. Staying at a hostel is a good option for a large group of young people who spend most of their time away from accommodation. There are over 100 hostels in Krakow.

Private accommodation and guest houses

Private, family-owned pensions and private accommodation are an interesting alternative to hostels and hotels. These types of accommodation are sometimes characterized by high or higher standard, attractive price, additional services such as breakfast or free parking. Most often located away from the city center but in the picturesque and landscaped parts of the city. Prices in such facilities start from 70 zł per person. A good example is Sofia B & B in Krakow Bielany or Willa Julia in Przegorzaly.

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Short term rental apartments are a great combination of high standard and attractive price. Apartments in Krakow are characterized by an increasingly high standard of the equipment, which results in very comfortable accommodation and recreation, and a great location mostly in the city center, e.g. Old Town district. Value for money to quality is great. Accommodation in apartments can satisfy even the most demanding person. We invite you to check our offer and to make a reservation.



In Krakow, many hotels of different standards have been established over the last few years. In the city are located over 120 hotels. Accommodation in hotels is very comfortable additionally these facilities offer a variety of additional services: food, bars, restaurant, spa, swimming pool, hotel service, 24h service, therefore, hotel accommodation is one of the most expensive and is addressed to the most demanding people. The full offer of such accommodation in Krakow can be found e.g. on booking.com or HRS.